eternal ashes

blue butterfly Memorial jewellery

When you commission me to make your memorial jewellery, I promise that I’ll treat the ashes of your loved one or loved pet with the same care and respect I’d have for my own.

I also welcome anything you want to tell me about your loved one that would help me know them better. Before I create a pendant or memorial stone, I’ll take a moment to recall what you’ve told me about them. From this information, I will create a special custom piece of memorial jewellery for you and anyone else who wishes to remember them in this special way.

It’s so hard to lose a friend, loved one orcompanion. We want to help you honour their memory and preserve their physical remains in a respectful way, but the traditional methods are not warm and unique.

That is why I think a handmade fused glass memorial piece is the perfect way to preserve your loved one’s ashes forever. The ashes are encased in hot fused glass and sealed inside a memorial pendant or memory stone, forever capturing their energy in a beautiful piece of memorial jewellery.

When ordering your memorial jewellery you will be asked to select all the elements, to make sure the final product is perfect. There are multiple bases in both gold and silver, some allowing the ashes to be held within them if you would prefer the ashes out of sight.

The next step is choosing a colour scheme from which the glass will be selected. It is up to you how many or few colours you choose.

The pattern is the final stage of the initial design, it is again up to you if you want a particular pattern or picture on your piece, or if you would prefer it to be kept simple.

You will be given the chance to tell me about your departed friend, loved one and companion or anything else you wish to share or discuss. Lastly you will be asked to provide an email address and/or phone number so I can contact you to discuss what you have ordered and make sure you are completely happy with your choices. At this stage I will send you instructions on how to safely send your loved ones ashes to me.

Thank you for choosing to take this journey with Eternal Ashes.

eternal ashes